Hi there mom. Are you tired most of the time because you're doing the night shift with your baby? Most moms go through this sleep-deprived state while baby is waking up every 2 1/2 - 3 hours during the night for feedings. This is a natural stage for every baby and moms must deal with this fact. But it's also a fact that mom needs to get her necessary sleep to re-balance her hormones that are all 'out of whack' from the pregnancy. Then factor in that many moms also have other children to care for, a house to run, meals to prepare and errands to do and you just may have a mom with too much on her plate to do it all wonderfully. And this is especially true if she's sleep deprived and running on empty. Once mom starts sleeping through the night and gets back to her normal sleeping pattern, she's re-charged, fresh and ready for her busy daytime schedule and able to care for her new baby from a much better place.

My name is Angie and I'm a night nanny. I'm an experienced child care provider who will take wonderful loving care of your precious new baby AND your older-than-newborn baby in the nighttime hours. In case you're not familiar with this, let me describe how this works. I'll come to your home at the evening hour you decide is best and stay in the babys room or in a near-by bedroom with a baby monitor on all night so I can tend to your baby as soon as he wakes. Everything is set up so I'm prepared to take immediate care of your babys needs. I do the feedings, burping and diaper changes as gently as possible while keeping lighting, sounds and stimulation low so baby can easily fall back to sleep. I also keep a record of what happens at each waking so you can know exactly how your baby did thru the night. In the morning, we discuss the nights' activities and I leave while you are fully rested and refreshed from sleeping the whole night through.

With a night nanny taking over the night feedings, mom has the opportunity to get her vitally important sleep. While the new mom has the opportunity to also get her hormones back to a more balanced and 'pre-pregnancy' state which mainly happens during sleep. And the difference in mom once she's sleeping through the night again, can make all the difference in the world ... as many dads will attest to! (smile)

I had my training and certification in newborn care in 2001 at The Stork Stops Here, a wonderful L A 'baby nurse' training center. I've had 'preemie' training and experience which can present it's own special challenges. I also have experience with fussy babies, teething babies, babies with acid reflux and babies with congenital torticollis. So if your sweet little newborn, preemie or older baby is waking up during the night for those night feedings, this is where I can be of help to you.

One more way I may be of help to you ... if and when you'd like to start 'sleep training' your little one. Before we start this process, may I suggest that you be deeply committed to this because many parents find it hard to hear their little sweetie crying without going in to soothe him. Your firm commitment can help you with this challenge.

Some of the various duties I can take on for you ...
*Babys nighttime feedings,
*Preparing formula if using this instead of or along with breast feeding,
*Diaper changes, making note of how many diapers and quality of babys poop,
*Keeping a detailed record of what happens at every waking so mom is 'in the know',
*Babys baths, if you'd like this done in the evening or early morning,
*Keeping baby safe, comfortable, happy,
*Keeping babys room clean, tidy and orderly,
*Making sure babys room is as chemical free as possible,
*Suggesting natural, pure and gentle products for baby,
*Doing babys laundry, if you'd like this done in the evening or early morning hours
*Organizing babys clothes
*Keeping up-to-date with babys clothing as baby grows into the next size,
*Keeping track of necessary baby items for replacement,
*Giving mom the opportunity for rest and sleep,
*Keeping mom up to date with newborn information, products, services,
*Helping mom set up the nursery if she should need this
and I'm open to suggestions of other ways to be of help to you ....

If you're pregnant and thinking you'd like some help in those first few days, weeks or months after your babys arrival, it's best to plan in advance to make sure you can book the exact time slot you need. Or if you'd like some nighttime help with your older than newborn baby, I'm available for a 10, 11 or 12 hour shift, 5, 6 or 7 nights a week. I look forward to talking with you and answering any questions you may have.

Angie .... ... 818.224.9991

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Night Nanny Video

Letters of Recommendation


To Whom It May Concern:

I am happy to endorse Angie Burgess as a nanny, mother's helper and all around wonderful person to help with your family and baby. She has been nannying for us since our son was 3 months old. He is now 2 years old and we still feel that she is an essential part of our family routine. She helped me with nights when he was very young and her calm, non-intrusive, yet thoroughly helpful and competent attitude were invaluable when he was waking up 3 to 4 times a night.

She also cares for him in the day and it has been great to see that she was as good with him when he was an infant as she is now that he is an active toddler. She has adapted to his changes, brings fun and imagination and warmth into his care and I am always happy to see that she genuinely seems to enjoy being with him and he with her. She is caring, gentle and loving and her attitude is always positive.

It is not easy to leave your baby in the care of someone else but I feel confident and at ease when Angie is with him. Additionally she has been invaluable in keeping my home in order and is always ready to take initiative and clean, cook, organize or do whatever needs doing while I spend some time with my son and so that I can enjoy doing so in a neat, orderly home. All in all it feels great to know that Angie is there for us, she adapts to our changing schedule and needs and I enjoy her presence in our home immensely. Thank you Angie!

-Tara Hewitt and Jessie Pavelka